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Learn More about Distress Aid Mobile Alarms in Peterborough

Distress Aid Mobile Alarms (Head Office) was established in 2005 in Peterborough, as one of the only alarm companies to specialize in Personal Distress or Medical Alarms. It is the only service we focus on allowing Distress Aid to perfect our alarm systems so they meet the latest standards of the industry. While other companies may sell a variety of electronic security systems, Personal Alarms are not their top priority. Distress Aid’s goal is to provide the best quality products and services to the people that need them the most.


Our families and children are always worried about the family member that lives alone. What would happen if they had a fall or medical issue, and could not call for help for themselves? Would they lie there in pain? For how long? We have heard many stories of the person who fell and broke a hip and lay there, alone for hours or even days before someone realized something might be wrong.


With Distress Aid Mobile Alarms, you have "peace of mind" knowing you will receive help right away and that a family member would be notified of the situation.


Distress Aid Mobile Alarms is a locally owned and operated Canadian company in Peterborough, ON. Order your Personal Alarm from Distress Aid today.

Distress Aid Mobile Alarms_founder


Doug Woolley, our owner and founder of Distress Aid, has worked in the alarm and security industry since 1986. He has worked for numerous larger alarm companies over the years, installing and servicing Medical Alarms, Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV Camera Systems, and more.


During his career, Doug has also owned and operated his own 24-hour Alarm Monitoring Centre.



Distress Aid Mobile Alarms provides GPS Cellular Mobile Alarms equipped with 24-hour monitoring service, crystal clear 2-way voice, satellite tracking and optional advanced automatic fall detection. All our products are the best quality available and will continue to operate during a variety of worse case scenarios, even hydro outages!


We supervise your device daily and can even alert you when the battery requires recharging or replacement.


Our Alarm Monitoring Centre, located in Ontario, is ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) approved and is fully equipped with the most up-to-date equipment including backup battery and generator power to ensure that our customers are never without the support services that they require.

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